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OCDetailing, Inc. is a low volume/high quality marine and auto protection company. We specialize in paint corrections- achieving a deep, glossy mirror like finish on your boat or automobile. We are hand trained by leaders in the industry and are certified in the installation of FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings and LLumar Paint Protection Films. OCDetailing, Inc. takes pride in providing our clients with a luxury auto spa treatment- ensuring that you have the most pleasurable experience driving your vehicle, and will also make you fall in love with your assets even more/all over again! We are fully insured, and report all services to CarFax! Call Now!

We are proud to be Hood County Native owned and operated!




Nano-coatings that last for years unlike wax!


There is no better way to make your car stand out from the crowd and get some serious attention!

Paint Protection Film

Truly does have the magic ability to heal swirls and scratches.


Extremely convenient car detailing that comes to your doorstep.


Refurbishing the exposed surfaces of the boat to improve their appearance.

Auto Detailing FAQ's

The best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle is auto detailing. Car detailing is a crucial single procedure that encompasses a wide range of techniques and products that, in order to get the finest results, necessitate substantial ability. It is defined as the efficient refurbishment and preservation of a vehicle’s numerous surfaces in order to keep it in good functioning order.

If you are receiving our specialty detailing services, we are conveniently located in a climate controlled highly secure shop in Acton.

We can erase scratches from a car’s clear finish on the outside. The scrape must be on the clear coat paint’s surface, according to the rule of thumb. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it’s too deep to remove. If you can’t feel the scrape with your fingernail, though, there’s a good chance it can be removed. If your car has swirls or a drab appearance, we can restore it to its original gleam.

At the very least, once a year. Detailing has been shown to help you achieve a better resale/trade-in price. So, if you plan on selling or trading your car, have it detailed within a week of selling or trading it. Most individuals think about detailing when they want to sell their car. However, by that time (usually 5 years), the car has suffered too much wear and tear to be restored to like-new condition. That’s why, like changing the fluids, getting a tune-up, or rotating the tires, we encourage our customers to think of auto cleaning as a maintenance routine.

Most people are unaware that, in most circumstances, replacing the engine is less expensive than replacing a “factory paint job”! Depending on your driving and car cleaning habits, as well as how you store your vehicle, we recommend at least 2 to 5 times a year. Is it parked primarily inside or outside? Do you only wash it every other day or once a month? What’s the best way to clean it? Do you feel like your car is your home because you spend so much time in it? These are just a few of the elements we evaluate when selecting the appropriate maintenance program for you.

Winter is the most important time to detail your vehicle because of the frequent fluctuations in temperature, road construction, salt, and other things that are extremely harsh on the outside. Not to mention that the Magnesium Chloride that is now being used on the roadways is proving to be even more hazardous to your car’s exposed surfaces than we previously anticipated. While it’s tempting to justify that “it’ll just become dirty again anyway,” appropriate sealant application is your only protection! It also makes it easy to get rid of all that dangerous dirt.


O.C. Detailing is a service that works exclusively with FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings, and they’re the worlds only ceramic coating manufacturer that is 100% American made and manufactured! The Nano-Ceramic Car Coatings offer long term protection from the harsh environment, add a ton of gloss, intense water behavior, and make regular wash maintenance fast and easy so you can spend more time in the driver’s seat enjoying the car.



Cameron did a great job on my Civic. Prior to his service the paint finish felt rough and looked dull. After cleaning and applying a ceramic coat the finish looks brand new and his a glossy finish again. His work was completed in a timely manner at a fair price. Highly recommended.
Rob Buie
Rob Buie
Cameron and crew did an excellent job detailing my Pilot! Highly recommend!
Grady Hancock
Grady Hancock
Excellent service and price. Very friendly and communicative. Will use them again
Rick Vrban
Rick Vrban
After a bad paint job by another company OCD was able to do paint correction on black 1972 Nova that had very soft paint with swirls and serious problems. After the ceramic coating it looks 1000 times better. Could not be happier with the results. Would recommend this company and products.
jaime barnes
jaime barnes
They did a great job on polishing my truck and cleared up some of the imperfections. The ceramic coating they applied really makes the paint shine. Easy to wash and it look like it did after they finished. Attention to detail👍. They also sell aftercare products like car soap without wax products, and the drying towels that soak up water like crazy. I highly recommend OCDetailing. Neil
Neil T Coffee
Neil T Coffee
Cameron installed clear paint protection film on our 2022 Acura. Quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Great to have this business in the area!
Hayward Moore
Hayward Moore
Saw an add of OCD Detailing on Facebook and Googled them up. We needed our new SUV detailed. Called Camron and we setup an appointment. Him and his team did a phenomenal job with the ceramic coating! Kidd you not, you can use the paint of the car as a looking glass after they were done!!! The service is top notch. I was hesitant at first as we had a 45 min drive. But, in the end the outcome exceeded our expectations and well worth!! The wife and husband team are awesome!!!! Will be going back to OCD! Highly recommend!
Buddhika Paranathantri
Buddhika Paranathantri
Cameron and his staff did an OUTSTANDING job on my C8 Z51 Corvette, although my car was 4 months old they made it look better than the day I got it...they completed a full exterior paint correction and then ceramic coated it...I highly recommend OCDetailing
I'm not really one to compliment someone's work unless it's really really good. With that being said OCD detailing did an amazing job putting ceramic coating our car. I've never seen a car come clean that easy!! Ever! No scrub brush needed! If you’re considering getting it done contact Cameron Gilliland or Trisha Gilliland. Best investment we've made in a while.
Randa Ramirez
Randa Ramirez
Outstanding communication and detailing work. Highly recommend!
Breanna Gall
Breanna Gall
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